One Two Three

by Are They Brothers

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released March 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Are They Brothers Sacramento, California

Are They Brothers is a folk/ punk/ americana clown band from Sacramento, CA. They got their start in October 2013 when Mikey (Muffins) Medlicott, and Tim (Tambo) Paulk decided to put their heads together and try their hands at writing songs. Things quickly escalated, and before they knew it they were slapping makeup on their faces, and dreaming up new and creative ways to entertain the masses. ... more

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Track Name: Hellhound Blues
I seen that story as the old one goes.
Time will tell, and that time it will be told.
If I ask you to go, and you've already been
go once again, go once again.

Well I went to the crossroads and I buried my box.
Tattered ID card, and some long golden locks
and I waited for your message that you promised you'd tell
knowing full well that it would send me straight to hell.

And we are waiting for the calling of the hounds of hell,
and meanwhile we are gambling for another soul to sell.

Well I trouble through the desert in my two best shoes.
Don't know if its Sunday, Monday, Wednesday I presume.
And if I call out there to hear your voice, which way should I take?
But I lost all my fortune and sold my fucking faith away.

And I fired three rounds straight into the sky.
They're gonna catch you, you can run but you cant hide.
Well I called you my brother, and I called you my friend.
At least I know where we will both be in the end cause we are...

<Chorus x2>
Track Name: Little Lie
They said I was born of fire.
This whole goddamn town is a liar.
I swore I'd always stand beside her,
but that rotten one stole my lighter.

And Ill never look back, never look the same.
Brushed your head from my sleeve and now I'm okay.
Never looked twice at what you really had in store.
Guess you got a little more than you bargained for.

Cause a little lie is still a lie x4

They said I was born of the water
and I stole that old sheriff mans daughter.
She wrote her number on a sheet of blotter,
chewed it up and now I cant call her.

So I drew back from my whiskey bottle
the freeze moves in, the fall leaves rot.
A lot of my time, and too little space
set aside just in case.


They said I was born of the earth.
She taught me good, never to curse.
Left only footprints and I covered my tracks.
I swore I'd never break my mothers back

Track Name: Dad Pipe
She had soft eyes and a baseball cap.
It was turned to the side with some pins in it
that she won at a carnival game.
I think three years ago to the day.

As she walked the highway blew
chilled to the bone like nothing new.
She pulled the scarf from around her neck,
and burnt a hole through it with her cigarette.

Now shes got one for every state shes hit.
I count three to the east. I count four to the west.
She held on to every face she met,
but it was always the names she would always neglect

Cause absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Time makes it forget.
Distance makes your face grow long,
and life makes you feel too old for this shit.

Two miles down a five mile road,
she just do what she wants, she don't do what shes told.
Lips cracked as the dusty ground,
and only three damn miles to the edge of the town.

Dogs bark, and the preacher preach,
and all the town folk people line the edge of the streets.
One last nod to the old sheriff man.
"Where the hell are you going?" "Where the hell have you been?"

He said "I keep a picture here right below my gun.
Its a picture of you round the age of one."
She heard his words, but she let them just roll,
then she lit up a smoke and she burned one more hole.

<Chorus x2>
Track Name: The Narrows
Her heart like a rose.
Her lips lack of prose.
The face on her back,
it's a face no one knows.

But you know, you know
that when shes alright,
oh you know its your chance to be wrong.

She crossed a bridge to go home.
The house so empty and alone.
Once had a story to those eyes,
now just lost lullabies.

But you know, you know
that her soul had a song
and you know that that song it is gone.
Track Name: Coney to California
She came from Coney with stars inside her eyes.
Down from Alabamie, sunsets made her cry.
She headed west with the golden state in her heart.
The art was finer down there down there down there from the start.

She brought the letter, she'd read it twice before.
Only to find he did not live there anymore.
She brought a photograph to remember long lost times,
and then she sunk on down and she lost her fucking mind.

Coney to California
Coney to California
She left the east with nothing in her bag,
she came to California and it drove her fucking mad.

Halfway to New Orleans the tears they started streaming.
Her mind was gone but she was California Dreamin.
Searching for the one she knew so long ago.
Where could he have gone, but she new she'd never know.

The ship set sail, she was bitten by the dirt.
The Dakota hills, it was that deadwood in her heart.
The thoroughfare, it gets so dangerous after dark.
She caught a spark outside of Reno and she cashed in all her marks.

Track Name: Half Pinch
I wandered along.
Fifteen miles or more.
My back is bruised, my feet they ache
I wont rest until I see your shore.

So I'm standin on the side of the highway.
Got my thumb posted up in the air.
Well Garden of Edens not too far from me
and I wonder if Ill see you there.

So Ill bathe in those cool waters,
and breathe that salty air.
I will make my home when I'm alone,
and love you when you're there.

Well that one she sure is a pretty thing.
Easy on the eyes and on the mind.
Well I wasted it all on those damn payphone calls
Got no nickles, got no dime.

Well I rolled me another type of cigarette,
tied my shoes and faced towards the west.
God knows it ain't easy, God knows its true,
but the devil tells me its for the best.


Well I saw you walkin on that stretch of dirt.
You had a cross in your hand praying up to some jerk
to forgive you for all of the people you've hurt.
Well you can pray all you want but you know it wont work.

Ill dry up the water, take the salt from the air.
Ill make you wish that you never cared.
That road she is long, that weather is tough
and admitting you're wrong is never enough.

Well its the beaten path and I know it cant be beaten.
Im headed down the one to the Garden of Eden.
Got my cigarettes, got my bag on my back.
It gets a little hard when your conscience holds you back.

Track Name: Wanted Dead or Alive
Look to the sky what do I see?
Orion staring back at me.
His straight and narrow arrows
fair and righteous in its deed

The lions crying out and shouting
"What the fuck is this!?" and pouting
"Put away your bow, I've got
a fucking wife and kids!"

I wish I may, I wish I may, I wish I fucking might
have the fucking with Im wishing on this fucking night.
I wish I may, I wish I may, I wish I fucking might
He's on the prowl and hunting every animal in sight.

A hunter feels, a hunter sees
a hunter cuts, a hunter bleeds,
a hunter knows exactly what he needs

A hunter kills, a killers bred
Its poison sting will have you dead
and chase you through the skies
just as mythology once said.


Canis major, Canis minor creepin up behind
their canine eyes are keepin Gaia out of sight and out of mind

So when youre looking up on a night like tonight,
and see Orion's arrow shooting across the night's open sky

His life is doomed to chase the moon cross the starry starry night.

Track Name: One Two Three
With just a one two three
One two three
We looked up to the skies and we could not believe our eyes

and with a four five six
the clouds began to shift
faces turned to stone as we realized we arent alone

Ahhh We couldnt believe what we saw
we just looked on in awe
as the ships came down
and landed on the ground

Ahhh the people fell down
onto their knees
as they began to see

That the world was gonna change
and nothing'd ever be the same
at least thats usually the case anyhow

you see what comes with higher beings
is a better way of thinking
and the thought that maybe someday we will grow

But if they take over the planet
and destroy everything on it
you know I cant say that I'd really mind

after all that is what happens
when youre jumping through dimensions
and you mix the physical with the divine.


weve got to get away from here
from uncertainty and from fear
I'd walk there if I had no other way

When nature takes back all its power
the guns outnumbered by the flower
who do you expect to save the day

For those of us who want just this
nothing else but to exist
we ask is mediocrity a crime?

After all where will we be when
we find out what we believe in
and we mix the physical with the divine?
Track Name: The Lecture
To pick apart a person is a process that is easy
its as simple as examining the basic human needs see
if you really take a look at what it means to be a being
close your eyes, take a breath, try to find some meaning

and if you do then you will see the worlds the kind of place
where you can let your head go floating off right into outer space
and you can contemplate intelligence beyond the human race
and have the same old thought again

Woah, the worlds so small
Woah, but the worlds so large

And if you take into account that we know less about the sea
than all the planets that are spiraling around our galaxy
then you start to wonder bout the other creatures there could be
under sea, under ground, just beyond our reach

and then you think about the other places you can go
and all the trillions of people that you'll probably never know
and yet every single day youre switching on the radio
and its the same old song again


To understand a person is a process that is hard
you can measure it in feet, in time, in inches, or in yards
to really take a decent look inside the human heart
open up, let in your live, thats a good start

Then and only then well start to really see a change
dont underestimate the powers that are living within range
there is not another moment left for you to be asleep
choose your path here and now. Be awake or be a sheep.